June 10 - Dondelinger Ford Grand Rapids Speedway (Grand Rapids, MN) 6:30 pm. (Winner - Shane Sabraski) View Results
June 11 - Gondik Law Speedway (Superior, WI) 7:00 pm. (RAIN-OUT)
June 12 - ABC Raceway (Ashland, WI) 7:00 pm.(Winner - Cole Spacek) View Results
June 13 - Halvor Lines Speedway (Proctor, MN) 5:00 pm. (Winner - Johnny Broking) View Results

July 9 - I-94 Sure Step Speedway (Fergus Falls, MN) 7:00 pm. (Winner - Dan Ebert) View Results
July 10 - Viking Speedway (Alexandria, MN) 6:30 pm.(Winner - Dan Ebert) View Results
July 11 - Granite City Motor Park (Sauk Rapids, MN) 5:00 pm.(Winner - Dave Cain) View Results

July 22 - Norman County Raceway (Ada, MN) 7:00 pm.(Winner - Jeremy Nelson) View Results
July 23 - River Cities Speedway (Grand Forks, ND) 7:00 pm.(Winner - Johnny Broking) View Results
July 24 - Greenbush Race Park (Greenbush, MN) 7:00 pm.(Winner - Zach Johnson) View Results
July 25 - Bemidji Speedway (Bemidji, MN) 5:00 pm.(Winner - Johnny Broking) View Results

August 13 - I-94 Sure Step Speedway (Fergus Falls, MN) 7:00 pm.
August 14 - Miller Central Speedway (Miller, SD) 7:00 pm.
August 15 - Casino Speedway (Watertown, SD) 6:30 pm.


Thru July 25th

Mod Tour
Driver Points

1 1TPO Tyler Peterson 987
2 45J Johnny Broking 979
3 7A Shane Sabraski 969
4 6X Zach Johnson 907
- 4 Jeremy Nelson 907
6 26G Ryan Gierke 895
7 7T Joseph Thomas 822
8 45 Bob Broking 812
9 C1 Craig Lofdahl 667
10 73 Andy Jones 581
11 9E Don Eischens 546
12 2C Dave Cain 392
13 60 Dan Ebert 331
14 2J Blake Jegtvig 322
15 22B Josh Beaulieu 310
16 95 Mark Esala 289
17 6T Corky Thomas 288
18 21X Travis Saurer 275
19 9 Billy Kendall III 268
20 74 Dustin Wahl 258

Allstar Perfomance
Hard Charger

1 6X Zach Johnson 47
2 45J Johnny Broking 45
3 4 Jeremy Nelson 38
4 1TPO Tyler Peterson 32
5 7T Joseph Thomas 28
6 73 Andy Jones 23
7 45 Bob Broking 21
8 2J Blake Jegtvig 20
9 6T Corky Thomas 17
10 26G Ryan Gierke 16
11 7A Shane Sabraski 15
12 10X Dustan Bitzan 14
13 C1 Craig Lofdahl 12
14 9E Don Eischens 11
- 2X Brady Gerdes 11
- 21X Travis Saurer 11
- 22 Michael Truscott 11
- 40JR Tyler Vernon 11
19 15X Blake Boelens 10
- 60 Dan Ebert 10
- 85 Jayson Good 10

Crew Chief

Crew Chief
1 1TPO Matt Peterson 987
2 45J Bob Broking 979
3 7A Glenn Majeski 969
4 6X Svor Motorsports 907
- 4 Curt Nelson 907
6 26G Gierke Motorsports 895
7 7T Carter Schmidt 822
8 45 Johnny Broking 812
9 73 Kenny Jordan 581
10 9E Mat Eischens 546
11 2C Jacob Cain 392
12 40JR Tate Warren 214
13 1L Kenny Jordan 198
14 71 Nathan Davis 57

The Winners Circle

Bemidji Speedway
July 25, 2021

Nightly full race results for the 2021 Tour Season can be viewed on The Mod Tour Facebook and/or Twitter page -or- at the respective track My Race Pass site...

Out-Pace A-Main Winner
  Johnny Broking

#45J Johnny Broking

Grand Rapids, MN

#45J Johnny Broking

Grand Rapids, MN

Allstar Performance Hard Charger
  Andy Jones

#73 Andy Jones

Princeton, MN

#73 Andy Jones

Princeton, MN

Intercomp Crew Chief
  Broking Motorsports

Broking Motorsports

Grand Rapids, MN

Broking Motorsports

Grand Rapids, MN


Let's Play In The Dirt... Mod Tour Style!



Dondelinger Ford Grand Rapids Speedway

Dondelinger Ford Grand Rapids Speedway is a 3/8 mile Wissota sactioned dirt track located in Grand Rapids, MN. Weekly shows are on Thursday evenings. Regular classes include Wissota Modifieds, Wissota Super Stocks, Wissota Midwest Mods & Wissota Pure Stocks.
2021 Tour Race: Thursday, June 10th.

- Grand Rapids Speedway (Grand Rapids, MN) -
Gondik Law Speedway

Gondik Law Speedway is located in Superior, WI. Regular race night is Friday with Wissota sactioned racing starting at 7:00 pm. Nightly classes include Wissota Late Models, Modifieds, Super Stocks, Midwest Mods & Pure Stocks.
2021 Tour Race: Friday, June 11th.

- Gondik Law Speedway (Superior, WI) -
ABC Raceway

Home of the Red Clay Classic and the finest red clay oval in the Midwest. Fast racing every Saturday night May through August, with the Red Clay Classic held the last weekend in September. ABC Raceway is located 3.5 miles south of Ashland, WI. Weekly classes include Wissota Modifieds, Wissota Super Stocks, Wissota Midwest Mods, ABC Raceway 6-Cylinders & Pure Stocks.
2021 Tour Race: Saturday, June 12th.

- ABC Raceway (Ashland, WI) -
Halvor Lines Speedway

Halvor Lines Speedway, located in Proctor, MN, is a 3/8 mile Wissota Sanctioned race dirt track. Regular racing is on Sunday nights. Home of the "King on the Hill" & "Silver 1000"!
2021 Tour Race: Sunday, June 13th (King on the Hill).

- Proctor Speedway (Proctor, MN) -
I-94 Sure Step Speedway

I-94 Sure Step Speedway, is a 3/8-mile dirt oval that hosts dirt track auto racing from early May through September. Home of the "WISSOTA 100". The track runs Wissota Late Model, Wissota Modifieds, Limited Late Model, Wissota Street Stocks, Short Tracker & Wissota Midwest Modifieds on a weekly basis.
2021 Tour Races: Friday, July 9th & Friday, August 13th.

- I-94 Speedway (Fergus Falls, MN) -
Viking Speedway

Viking Speedway is a 1/2 mile semi-banked clay oval that races five Wissota sanctioned classes: Late Models, Modifieds, Super Stocks, Midwest Modifieds and Street Stocks, PLUS a sixth class of unsanctioned Pure Stocks every Saturday night from the beginning of May through Labor Day, with an extra added event the Viking Fall Classic in October.
2021 Tour Race: Saturday, July 10th.

- Viking Speedway (Alexandria, MN) -
Granite City Motor Park

Granite City Motor Park is a 3/8-mile semi-banked clay oval that hosts dirt track auto racing on Sunday nights from early May through early fall. The track hosts WISSOTA sanctioned Modifieds, Super Stocks, Midwest Modifieds, Mod Fours, and Hornets.
2021 Tour Race: Sunday, July 11th.

- Granite City Motor Park (Sauk Rapids, MN) -
Norman County Raceway

Norman County Raceway is a 3/8 mile semi-banked dirt oval. Nightly race classes include IMCA Modifieds, IMCA Sportmods, IMCA Stock Cars, IMCA Hobby Stocks & WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds
2021 Tour Race: Thursday, July 22nd.

- Norman County Raceway (Ada, MN) -
River Cities Speedway

River Cities Speedway is a 3/10 mile semi-banked dirt/clay oval. Nightly race classes include NOSA 410 Sprints, NLRA Late Models, WISSOTA Midwest Mods & WISSOTA Street Stocks
2021 Tour Race: Friday, July 23rd.

- River Cities Speedway (Grand Forks, ND) -
Greenbush Race Park

Greenbush Race Park is a 3/8 semi-banked dirt oval. Nightly race classes include Lightning Sprints, WISSOTA Streets, WISSOTA A Mods, WISSOTA MWM, Pure Stocks, Outlaw Mini-Mods & 4-Cylinders
2021 Tour Race: Saturday, July 24th.

- Greenbush Race Park (Greenbush, MN) -
Bemidji Speedway

Bemidji Speedway is a 1/4 mile clay oval track located in Bemidji, MN. Weekly race classes include Bemidji Mini Stocks, Wissota Pure Stocks, Wissota Mod 4s, Wissota BMods, Wissota Super Stocks, Wissota A Mods & Wissota Hornets
2021 Tour Race: Sunday, July 25th.

- Bemidji Speedway (Bemidji, MN) -
Miller Central Speedway

Miller Central Speedway is a 1/2 mile banked dirt oval track located in Miller, SD. Regular race day is Saturday. Weekly classes include Pump-N-Pak Pure Stocks, Wissota Street Stocks, Wissota Midwest Mods, Wissota Super Stocks, Wissota Modifieds & Wissota Late Models.
2021 Tour Race: Saturday, August 14th.

- Miller Central Speedway (Miller, SD) -
Casino Speedway

Casino Speedway is in its 67th year of racing on the shores of beautiful Lake Kampeska in Watertown, SD... On Sunday evenings, from late April to early September, you can find the best fender-to-fender and door handle-to-door handle WISSOTA racing action on the fastest 1/4 mile dirt track in the Northern Plains!
2021 Tour Race: Sunday, August 15th 6:30 pm.

- Casino Speedway (Watertown, SD) -




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• The tour will use the 2021 Wissota Rules (Unless noted).
• All tour events will use transponders or raceceivers if the track utilizes them. Drivers must purchase or rent from the track or vendor if they do not have them.
• The tour will have a Draw/Redraw format.
• The entry fee for each tour race will be $40 cash at pill draw. NO CHECKS.
• There will be 4 heat races, unless there are over 48 modifieds in attendance. If there are over 48, there will be 6 heat races.
• All HEATS will be 10 or 12 laps. Four heats will be ran, with the top 3 will qualifying for the A main. The top 2 of each heat will redraw for the feature with others falling in line. If there are 6 heat races, the top 2 will qualify for the A main. Those 12 drivers will redraw for the A main (10 laps on ½ mile).
• Two B-MAINS will run each night with the top 4 or 6 moving to the A main (depending on start numbers) (3-b mains if over 48 cars taking top 4 ). The B mains will be 12 to 15 laps. They will line up straight up out of the heats. Heat 1 with heat 3 and heat 2 with heat 4. (12 laps on ½ mile)
• The A-MAIN event will start 20 cars or 24 cars. The A main event will be 40 laps on short tracks and 30 laps on 1/2 mile tracks.
• All races will utilize the “Delaware” restart rules.
• If a driver jump starts, the driver will move 2 spots back from where he/she started from at the next caution or at the pay window if there is no caution. The yellow will not come out for the driver who jump starts. The track will enforce all other track rules.
• All tech inspections will be conducted by the track tech official.
• If a driver is disqualified and/or suspended by the tech official or Wissota, he/she looses all tour points for the night and/or for the tour.
• All cars must have all Wissota stickers and/or tour stickers on both sides of car to get paid or receive awards.
• To be a part of the Intercomp Crew Chief of the Race... your crew chief must be registered with tour officials.
• Allstar Performance Hard Charger points are based on 1 point per car passed.
• The tour points will be based on the Wissota point system.



Contact Info

If you need to contact the Advantage RV Modified Tour presented by Watertown Ford Chrysler... you're in the right spot. Do you need payout information? What are the rules? Or just want to know what time a race starts? Give us a call or shoot us an email. Or just use the contact form below!

You can also Facebook message us or send us a private message on Twitter.